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Scared of Your Home Printer?

If you’ve tried to print your wedding invitation using your home printer and you are not happy with the printing quality or can’t print on stiffer or textured card stock, it is still a very viable option for you to take your invitation design to your local printing company and have them print and cut the invitations for you. Sometimes the reassurance that a professional is doing the hardest part can relieve any stress around quality and short time-frames.

The benefit of having a printing company print your wedding invitations, is that you will get a consistent invitation with rich, opaque colour, as well as the added benefit of being able to print on slightly trickier paper stock, like Vellum or card stock that is textured.

The printing company will also cut your invitations to size and have strict quality control over the end product.

If you have your heart set on a certain type of paper, you can usually provide the paper (and possibly save more money) or the printing company will have access to thousands of different paper stocks that will suit your purpose and design. They should also be able to source matching envelopes.

It’s important to talk through this process with the printing company and particularly to ask about the time-frame for printing and cutting. You should ask for a proof (or sample) of your invitation before you go ahead and print the full number of wedding invitations.

Making your own invitations shouldn’t be stressful, and the idea of making your own invitations using is that you save money as well as creating a customised invitation without the back and forth of using a designer. Utilising a professional printing company is just another variation on making your own invitations and you are still able to add embellishments to you invitations once they are printed, to further personalise your design.