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Printers – Let’s Work Together

Our team at Creative Wedding Invites are wanting to give our customers the best user experience we can.

As part of this vision, we would like to collaborate with commercial printing companies to build a world wide list of preferred printing partners who can print our clients wedding invitations, close to where our customers are.

The idea of Creative Wedding Invites is that people are able to create and print their own invitations on their home printers. However we know that not all home printers are created equal and sometimes people don’t get the results they want. So we’d like to be able to give some guidance on where couples can get their invitations professionally printed, somewhere with good quality printing at a reasonable price.

If you are a printing company who provides great communication, beautiful work and a user friendly service we’d love to hear from you.

We are building a list of printers in as many different countries as possible, initially we are very interested in the US, Canada, Australia/NZ and European printers.

We will be adding a page shortly to our website guiding our customers to the printer closest to them and we would like to include your company. We are only selecting a fixed amount of partners so contact us soon to partner with us.

Our only requirement is that you provide a link back to our website to help promote our Wedding invitation creation service to your customers. We take no commission from any sales we push your way, so you keep all the profits from printing the invitation, plus you gain a local customer in the process.

If you are able to give Creative Wedding Invites any extra incentives to pass on to our customers for using your service we will also publicise that on our website.

Benefits to you:

  • Access to new, local customers that have print-ready artwork.
  • Assist the customer with other printing they may need for their wedding day.
  • Absolutely no commission on any sales we put your way.
  • Free listing on our website pointing customers to your website.
  • Once we are partnering with you, exclusive access to all customers within a minimum 200km radius of your company.

All we ask in return:

  • A link on your website referring those looking for wedding invitations to our website.

Partner with us!

Please complete the form below to apply to partner with us: