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Designer Profile Natalie Morrell

Another one of our designers is Natalie. She is another experienced designer, having worked for agencies as well as in her own agency.

How long have you been a graphic designer and what is your favourite part of your job?

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years. I find most parts of the creative process are quite fun, but the best part is when a project is completed and it’s been printed or published for everyone to see.

What do you love most about weddings?

All that beautiful stationery and decorations! Nothing like a gorgeous table setting with fresh flowers!

What is your design process when designing an invitation?

To design a custom invite or stationery suite, I take in what the couples are after – the look, colours. Then it’s onto a couple of designs, these get proofed to the couple to choose their favourite design and check details. There may be a few minor tweaks to make and proof again until the couple are happy. Then it’s off to the printers!

What are the current trends in wedding invitations?

Gold foil. Seriously popular and totally amazing on white or dark coloured invites! (Editors note – stay tuned, we are refining some new at-home processes to recreate, beautiful foiled invitations at home!)

How important is paper choice for a wedding invitation?

Super important! You wouldn’t want a cheap flimsy piece of paper to invite guests to your wedding of the century, right? Print it on some amazing thick card – anything over 250gsm will look great. You could even adhere the printed invite to a slightly larger piece of card, to create a contrasting border effect, and it’ll make your invites strong and unique.

What are the important factors that couples need to consider when choosing their wedding invitations?

Choose something that fits with your theme, your colours, and who you both are – it gets your guests excited too!

Are there any big no no’s when it comes to choosing an invitation design?

Less is more! You only need the core details on the invite. Save the rest of the info (how to get there, what to wear, babysitting, transport etc) for an email or even your own wedding info site. Keep it simple and your guests won’t be overwhelmed. Plus, it always looks amazing then!