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Keeping Florals Modern

When choosing a floral wedding invitation design, a traditional floral print may seem difficult to incorporate into a modern wedding vibe. But don’t think classic floral prints will only be suited to a victorian themed wedding. The key is to pair traditional floral prints with unexpected elements to keep your invitations looking modern and fresh.

We’ve come up with a few tips below to help you incorporate those romantic prints into your invitation design without them looking frumpy or dated.

Pair your floral with bold colours

When looking at your floral invitation design, look for subtle but bolder colours in the print that can be picked out and included in embellishments or in complimentary stationary like envelopes or backing papers. Bold solids, whether colourful or monochromatic can tie the floral print together in a cohesive way.


Look at a floral invitation that uses classic floral prints in a modern and unexpected way.

Also, having an unusual shape to the whole invitation e.g. a square shape rather than the traditional rectangle, but still having the floral print as the main element or background of the invitation.

Another popular trend in floral invitations is to have the written portion of the invitation on a plain central shape (circle or rectangle usually) with the floral background being a more complimentary element of the design.

Be Sparing

Interesting uses of florals can also include subtle or small florals, or partial use of the print – just giving a peek of the bold floral, perhaps just in one corner, or top or bottom edge, while keeping the majority of the invitation looking crisp and clean on a mainly white or plain background.

Being sparing with the use of the print can have more of an impact rather than overuse of a bold print that might overpower the invitation.

Weddings and the use of floral patterns go hand in hand. With a little thought and a clever eye you can make sure your invitations still look clean and modern and avoid looking like an invitation to your grandmas afternoon tea party.