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Information on my Invitation?

Unless you’ve been married before or have taken close notice of your friends wedding invitations, you may not have take any particular interest in the wording or basic information on a wedding invitation.

Nowadays, like most things wedding related, you can take or leave as much of the tradition and formality as you like. This leaves couples the freedom to personalize invitation wording to fit the tone of their special day.

So what basic information do you need on your invitation and what are the optional extras?

Primarily, your guests need to know who is getting married, when and where. Of course you also need to include RSVP dates and details. For clarity, if there is a reception to follow and you’d like the guest to attend, the details of that also.

Use the names (as the couple) you are most comfortable with – are you known only by your nickname? Or do you want a more formal invitation that includes your middle names etc.

Try and be as specific with addresses, locations and times as you can. Fielding multiple questions about where the reception venue is closer to the wedding can be frustrating.

Nowadays families are much less nuclear and cookie cutter, also unlike days gone by, the financial bill of the occasion is often not solely footed by the brides parents. Wording such as “Mr & Mrs Parent request the pleasure of your attendance at the wedding of their daughter…….” is now a little more old fashioned and while it may still be appropriate for some weddings, for the majority, this does not reflect the family dynamic of the couple getting married.

Often couples simply choose to leave this portion out of their invitation, but alternate phrasing can be a nod to traditional wording.

You may need to also take some cultural requirements into account, so it’s best to make sure that the design you’ve chosen can accommodate any special wording or symbolism you need to include.

If you are wanting to invite specific guests, such as adults only, then an invitation with a fixed space to write the guest (s) name may be a helpful feature. If there is no ambiguity as to who is invited, it can save a lot of embarrassment having to turn people down when they ask to bring children or extra partners at a later date.

Some designs are more suited to lots of information, so be sure to choose your invitation carefully to ensure it meets your needs.

Lastly, don’t forget to double and triple check your dates, times and address details on your invitation PDF before printing, if you are making them yourself. Taking a few extra minutes to check could save a lot of paper, ink and time!