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Colour vs Vibe

In recent years we’ve seen a shift away from couples planning their wedding based on a specific colour palette to using descriptive language in order to convey the mood or vibe they want during their celebrations. A more concept driven wedding allows for much more freedom of interpretation from the couple and creates a wedding that is more personal and bespoke. We love to see bridesmaids all in different dresses but all having a unifying theme, such as floral or lace- it conveys freedom and individuality.

Sometimes the desired mood may include a specific era – such as Victorian or Art Deco – that makes things slightly easier, as most people have an idea of what characterises those time periods. But if you are wanting to have a ‘etherial’ feeling to your wedding, or a ‘modern’ vibe, that can sometimes be a little harder to get your vision across. Descriptive concepts often mean different things to different people. So how do you convey to other people the mood you are trying to achieve?

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and having something visual narrows things down, both for yourself and those whose services you are using during your wedding. Designing a cake can be tricky when you only have feelings to go on. Make a mood board with images and textures that you think will fit the vibe you want to create. The old saying that “you don’t know what you like but you know what you don’t like” is very true for this style of wedding planning. It is a lot more gut instinct based and often it’s a case of asking whether a certain item or style feels like the right fit for your theme.

Your mood board can include ideas that fill you with inspiration and have a natural appeal to you – include colours, paper stock, images, words, fabrics and textured elements, fonts and scripts, literature and poetry, floral images – anything that will guide and hone your decisions. Don’t get caught up thinking about what is ‘on trend’ and whether what you are drawn to has been overdone or seen before. You and your fiancé should be happy to look back at your wedding photos and feel that for you, your wedding was timeless. Of course tastes change overtime, and it’s probably wise to try and keep your statement elements subtle and cohesive with your theme, but ultimately your wedding is as much a celebration of your love as a couple, as it is an opportunity to let your personalities shine through.