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Printers – Let’s Work Together

Our team at Creative Wedding Invites are wanting to give our customers the best user experience we can. As part of this vision, we would like to collaborate with commercial printing companies to build a world wide list of preferred printing partners who can print our clients wedding invitations, close to where our customers are.…

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Types Of Printing Available For Your Wedding Invitations

Following on from our post on eco conscious papers, we wanted to explain and clarify what types of printing is commercially available for those who would prefer to have their DIY wedding invitations professionally printed. There are a number of different methods of printing to give you different looks and results for your wedding invitations.…

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Eco Conscious Papers

As brides and grooms start to think more about the environmental impact of their wedding, the demand for eco conscious and ethically sourced wedding products is increasing. Fabrics, bio-degradable food products and ethical fashion go hand in hand with eco-friendly paper products. When it comes to choosing eco-friendly paper products for wedding invitations and stationary,…

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Scared of Your Home Printer?

If you’ve tried to print your wedding invitation using your home printer and you are not happy with the printing quality or can’t print on stiffer or textured card stock, it is still a very viable option for you to take your invitation design to your local printing company and have them print and cut…

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What you need to know about printing your invitations at home

Making your own wedding invitations can be creatively rewarding and also can help save some much needed pennies when it comes to the over all wedding budget. But before you dive head first into madly printing invitations on multiple papers and card stocks it’s important to take some time to research not only your paper…

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