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5 Ways DIY Invitations can be Thrifty and Stylish!

The decision to make your own wedding invitations may come from a desire to keep wedding expenses low or you may want to create a one of a kind invitation that is unique to your special day.

Whatever your reasoning, it’s important to remember that choosing a DIY option does not mean you have to sacrifice style or individuality. If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll have invitations that will look and feel professional and will be a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Planning – Once you’ve found a design you love, you may immediately see the potential – the kind and colour of paper the design will work with or which embellishments would compliment the design. Preparation and planning are key in making sure your final invitations match your original vision. You need to take the time to find the paper stock you are happy with, gather more ideas about ways to add to the initial design – think about sheer overlays, foiling, ribbons and embossing.

When it comes to ordering your supplies, finding local and or internet supplier will reduce the amount of stress and running around you have to do – better still if you can get your supplies from one place! Also make sure to account for tools such as scissors, speciality pens or a guillotine. Just make sure you allow yourself enough time for delivery. Also it pays to over-estimate slightly on your supply order. There is nothing worse than running short or being unable to use all the elements you would like on all your invitations because of mistakes or errors during construction.

In the planning stage you can also cut costs by borrowing items for paper cutting and invitation construction. People love weddings and are generally pleased to be involved in whatever way they can. Think about asking that Aunt who loves scrapbooking if any of her tools would be suitable for your invitations – I’m sure she would be glad to lend them to you, or even lend a hand!

Focus – Thankfully, invitations are one of the first wedding decisions and tasks that a bride or groom undertake. Being able to focus on the task at hand will give you better results than if your attention is divided. Devote specific time to invitations. Choosing to make your own invitations inherently means a time investment, but it also means you’ll get exactly the invitations you want, all with your own personal touch.

Mock-Ups – technical speak for a test run or prototype. It’s a wise idea to do a trial run using your supplies to make sure that all the elements of your invitation go together cohesively. Perhaps what you thought you’d love doesn’t look quite right or by changing things up a little will give you a different feeling invitation. It is better to do a practice run on a single invitation rather than realising that you aren’t happy with 150 of them.

Attention to detail – Allow yourself plenty of time – in fact overestimate how much time you’ll need to construct your final invitations. Nothing will make your invitations look cheap and sloppy more than crooked edges, hasty colour choices or misaligned embellishments. Now is the time that all your planning is bought to life. Sharp scissors, good lighting and plenty of time will make sure your final product is meticulous.

Keep it Fun – all the suggestions above sound pretty serious, and as much as you want a beautiful invitation, you also need to keep the process relaxed and enjoyable. Maybe set aside time to make your invitations with your fiance and a glass of wine in the evening (limit the wine or you’ll get those crooked edges!) or invite over your creatively talented friend or bridesmaids and start a production line – you’re not only making beautiful invitations but beautiful memories.

Creating your own wedding invitations can give enormous satisfaction and doesn’t mean that your invitations will look cheap or any less special. With a little planning and care you can have unique and treasured invitations that you will be proud of for year to come.

Also, don’t forget that the helpful team from are always available for any invitation questions or suggestions. We are gradually building a library of step by step DIY guides for embellishments and making your invitations shine. Please check it out in the blog section of our website.