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5 ways to choose the perfect Wedding Invitation

Choosing wedding invitations is often one of the first decisions that a couple make in their wedding planning.

Invitations often help set the theme and tone of the wedding. A great invitation lets your guests see part of your personality and also a sneak peak into what the vibe the wedding will be.

Here are our top 5 tips in choosing the perfect wedding invitation;

1) What theme are you going for?

Look for an invitation which matches your wedding theme. Often the process of looking at invitations and stationary helps you solidify this. Are you going for a vintage garden or botanical feeling? Are you looking for something that looks and feels high-end and stylish? Or perhaps something a little more minimalist or masculine?

Your invitation doesn’t necessarily have to dictate your final colour scheme, but it should be in line with your general theme. It also gives you a base on which to make some of your other decisions later on.

Most importantly keep an open mind! If you go into the process with a concrete theme in mind and want an invitation to match perfectly, you are bound to be disappointed. Be flexible and try and focus more on feeling and general vibe rather than specific elements.

2) Which initiation speaks to you?

Sometimes choosing an invitation can be as simple as picking an invitation you are really drawn to. Often there are elements of invitations that you really love and match your preferences.

3) Show your personality!

Wedding invitations are a perfect way to show your own personal style and tastes (or that of both you and your partner!). It can often be a fun exercise in compromise and negotiation, picking an invitation that represents both of you and can express who you are as a couple. Do you have a shared hobby or interest that can be incorporated into the invitation?

The rules of your wedding are completely up to you! Something fun and wacky can be just as special as something more formal and traditional.

4) Time and Money

Although it would be wonderful to base all wedding decisions around feelings and themes, the reality is that for most of us, time and money are a large consideration. It pays to shop around.

Couples need to consider how long it will take to either have their invitations designed and printed or for them to design and print their own. Allowing enough time for invitations is important to make sure you get what you want with out having to compromise because of time.

The cost of invitations can vary greatly depending on what design and paper stock you choose. Thankfully with so many DIY options available, the cost of invitations doesn’t have to break the bank. Choosing an affordable option that still shows your style and personality is often just a click away.

5) Relax!

Don’t let choosing an invitation turn you into a bundle of nerves. Yes, it is one of your first wedding decisions, and yes your grandmother will probably put it in her scrap book as a keep-sake. But try and ease the stress by asking for samples copies or pdfs, shop around and keep an open mind. It is a creative process and you should enjoy it as part of your wedding planning journey.

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