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3 Ways to add Stylish Sparkle to your Wedding

Sparkle and bling are often about individual taste.

If you are having a big, formal, black tie, evening wedding, then you can probably never have to much glamour and sparkle. Chandeliers, crystal, glitter, precious metals and jewels are all elements that can easily be added to your theme and wont look out of place or over the top. The use of sparkle is all about having fun. You can really let your personality shine through by adding shimmer in unexpected and interesting ways.

If you are wanting your wedding to be a little less formal, but still with an element of bling in a chic and cohesive way, check out our 3 suggestions for ways you can incorporate sparkle and glitz into your wedding with a restrained and elegant hand.

Think about where and how you want to incorporate your sparkle:
1) Decorations and accents
2) Clothing and jewellery
3) Food and table wear

Decorations and Accents

This is probably to most obvious place to add sparkle to your wedding plans. With a multitude of DIY and crafting ideas on the internet, you don’t have to look far to find easy and striking ways of adding sparkle to your decorations, all it takes is a little preparation and planning.

Adding sequins to your flower vases, gold ribbons or chair bows, using cut glass or crystal vases, glitter encrusted votive or tea light holders or metallic lettered sign posts or place cards, are all subtle but interesting ways to add sparkle. If you are the budget conscious bride, Christmas time is an excellent time to do some wedding shopping for all things shiny!

Lighting is also a key accent to add sparkle to any wedding. Whether for the ceremony entwined in a floral archway or overhead at the reception. Twinkling fairy lights at a night time event will pick up the sparkle of any other glittered accents and add to the magical ambience.

If you are wanting to make the glitter a more key element of your wedding palette you can also incorporate glitter or metallic elements to your wedding stationary in the form of foiling, embossing stamps, stickers, sheer overlays or envelopes. From there you have a colour palette to work from and a cohesive plan for your other accents.

Lastly your floral decorations can also offer hidden gems of sparkle by dusting flowers with glitter, adding costume jewellery or beads. Work with your florist to look at which flowers will most suit sparkly embellishments.

Clothing and Jewellery

Well thought our additions of glamour to the brides outfit can not only add special significance to her special dress but also a touch of fun!

Using a piece of special jewellery as a necklace, hairpiece, brooch or even in the flowers can add sparkle while keeping a loved one near or carrying on a family tradition. Jewelled and sequinned belts or ribbons can be the finishing touch that tie the whole bridal look together. From subtle to bold, a well chosen belt can transform a simple dress into a chic statement piece.

Often wedding dresses that incorporate sequins and crystals on the bodice, can be reflected in the bridesmaid dresses, shoes or even the grooms mens tie pins or button hole flowers. Veils and hairpieces with a subtle shimmer can also add interest and elevate the whole bridal look.

Food and Table Wear

From metallic coloured cutlery and plates to gold table runners or simply dusting the tables with glitter or sequins, adding a touch of shimmer and sparkle that can make a reception table setting pop.

Along side table wear, your cake as the centre piece of your wedding meal is really a place where you can let your imagination go wild! Airbrushed metallics can add dimension and true artistic individuality to your cake. Giving your cake maker a thorough brief with inspiration images and a mood board of colours will enable them to bring your vision to life!

Edible glitters whether on the cupcakes or in the ice cubes can add a sparkly element that will have your guests talking. Clever use of colours can tie in with your other shiny elements and create a cohesive wedding theme.

The use of glitter and sparkle in your wedding is a very individual preference and is something that you can have a lot of fun with. It can truely add the party and celebratory feel of a wedding.

Planning where and how you want to add shimmer can add unexpected surprise for your guests but also makes for a memorable and individual wedding.