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3 Ways to Add a Touch of History to Your Invitations

It can be easy to add personal history and sentiment to your wedding invitations. The big events in life, when we most miss our loved ones or want to incorporate their memory can be done in very subtle but significant ways. Below are 3 way that you can incorporate personal history and sentiment into your wedding invitations.

01) Colours

Sometimes certain colours hold special meaning or significance, whether spiritual, cultural or personal. Looking for designs that include those colours can be an important way of acknowledging our personal journey.

02) Look for features of the invitation that hold significance to you or a loved one

Incorporating elements into your wedding invitation that have personal significance – such as grandmas favourite flower in the floral motif of the invitation, or perhaps a illustration of a special location. Often times you may not know you were even looking for it until you see it!

03) Embellishments

Adding embellishments to your finished wedding invitation is yet another way to incorporate personal meaning. Whether you make personalised envelope inserts using significant motifs, or perhaps using sheet music of an important song. Including a sprig of an important plant or a family crest or emblem on a stamp or wax seal. Thinking outside the box about ways that you can further personalise your invitations can be fun and significant all at the same time.

These are all ways that you can add meaning to your wedding invitations. Some people may not notice or understand the importance of these elements, but ultimately it is you and your partner who matter most and should have your personal history reflected in your wedding celebrations.